• The Academic year begins in April and concludes in March.


• Prospectus and Application forms are available in the schooloffice.
• The school admits both Boys and Girls (Subject to the availability of seats) irrespective of any distinction.
• Minimum age for admission in LKG is completion of 3 years by 31st March of that academic year, the age for admission to other classes shall be reckoned accordingly. Relaxation in age is not permitted.

Enclosures Required for Admission Copies of the underwritten Certificates are required for the final admission.
1. Birth Certificate (Photostat) - Class Pre.KG onwards
2. Mark sheet (Photostat) - Class II onwards
3. Transfer Certificate (Original) - Class II onwards
4. Two recent passport size photos - For all the classes
5. Recent passport size Parent Photos - Class Pre.KG onwards
6. Aadhaar Card (Photostat) - For all the classes
7. Community Certificate (Photostat) - For all the classes


• T.C. will not be issued to any student unless the parent applies for thes ame in writing, giving valid reasons for withdrawal. Last date to receive T.C. application is 15th February of every academic year.
• After 31st March, the same will be issued only if the 1st Term fee for the following academic year is remitted.
• If anybody applies for T.C. in the middle of the session, the same will be issued only if the whole year's fee is remitted that too under special circumstances and after the approval from the management.


• Regular attendance is mandatory.
• Leave permission will be granted only under special circumstances on submission of a written application for leave duly signed by the Parents/ Guardians.
• No leave will be permitted without prior intimation.
• Early going of pupils will be allowed only in unavoidable circumstances.The Parents/ Guardians must get permission from the principal for his/ her child. Any verbal/ written request from persons other than Parents/ Guardians will not be entertained. Moreover, written requests from Parents/ Guardians sent through messengers will not be considered.


a.)Guidelines to Parents/ Guardians:
• The Handbook is the most effective medium of Parent- Teacher communication. Parents are requested to check the Handbook daily, look in for homework endorsement made by the teacher and to communicate their wish through the Handbook.
• Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by ensuringregularity, punctuality and discipline of the children.They must ensure that the children prepare their lessons, execute the homework and take an active interest in school activities.
• Parents should in form the change of a ddress, cell phone number and emergency contact number in writing without delay. Parents should not send their children to the school, if they are suffering from any contagiousor infectious disease.
• Parents who seek information or wish to make suggestion should do so to the Principal only. Parents can meet the Principal on all working days during the scheduled timings. Parents can meet teachers regarding the child's progress after getting permission from the Principal and may do so only during the break timings.
• Parents and Guardians are requested not to meet their children or meet the teacher during class hours without prior permission from the Principal.
• Medical inspection is held once a year.Parents are requested to follow the suggestions given by the Medical Officer.
• The school will strictly adhere to the schedule of working days and holidays as mentioned in the School Diary. Only in extraordinary circumstances,such as Government announcement of a holiday for educational institutions, the school will remain closed.
• Parents are particularly urged to see that their children come to school dressed neatly in full school uniform. They should provide them with necessary reading books, exercise books, all kinds of writing and drawing material etc.,
• Parents must attend all school functions including Parents Teacher Meeting(PTM). The dates are mentioned in the diary. In case of any changes, reminder will be sent.
• It is mandatory that every child must come to school incomplete uniform on all working days or whenever they enter into school premises. Students must come in neatly pressed uniform with trimmed nails,boys with proper haircut, girls must plait their hair and need to wear neatly polished shoes.
• It is the interest of the general safety that the pupils are prohibited from wearing/ bringing any valuable ornaments or jewellery to the school.
• Carrying any valuables, money, electronic gadgets including mobilephone,iPod etc., by the students is banned.
• Parents can provide ways and means to the children to enrich their languages by providing children's monthly magazines, comics books based on mythology etc.,and making them to listen to English news regularly.

b.)Guidelines to Students:
• Students must come to school clean, well-groomed, and neatly dressed. Students who are not in complete uniform or dressed properly will not be permitted to the classroom. Tight fitting dresses are not allowed.
• Students must keep his/ her place as well as the classroom and the surroundings clean and tidy.
• Students must enter the classroom and take his/ her place immediately after the bell rings. The students must enter and leave the classroom with the teacher's permission.
• Students must be respectful to the Principal and teachers, and greet them politely and courteously.
• Students must keep the school campus neat and tidy, to protect the school property and to be careful in taking care of his/ her personal things.
• Students are expected to maintain good habits, practice polite behavior.
• Students must inform any uneasiness or discomfort to their class teacher immediately.


Helpline: 04634 – 290283, 9788846558


In order to ensure smooth conduct and proper functioning of the school, your esteemed co-operation is essential. Kindly note the following points in order to make the diary serve its purpose.

1. Parents are earnestly requested to check the diary of your wards everyday and affix your signature at respective places.
2. Teacher's note to the Parents is meant for communication between the parent and the school staff regarding irregularities, conduct, behavior of the child and his/ her progress in the class.
3. Please see that your child does his/ her homework regularly and encourage your wards to do the work by himself/ herself.
4. Attendance on the first day and the last day of every session is compulsory. 90% Attendance is compulsory from Grade 1.
5. When a child is absent, a note should be written in the leave application form. If leave is on medical grounds, Medical Certificate must also be submitted.
6. Your ward will not be permitted to attend the class without leave letter signed by the parent. If the absence exceeds three days the parent has to meet the Principal on the day of reporting.
7. If the child is unwell, kindly do not send the child to school.
8. Own Transport students are expected to reach the school only after 8.30 a.m. and before 8.50 a.m. and they should be picked up after the school but before 4.15 p.m.
9. Promotion: Please refer pages 19-23.
10. OpenHouse: OpenHouse is arranged afte reach assessment to facilitate the parents to visit the school and discuss the performance of their wards with the subject teachers.


1. School fees can be remitted in three installments, in the school office only.
2. Tuition Fees & Transport Fees:
Penalty charges will apply, if payment is delayed (Rs.5 per day).
Fees Due Date
First Term on or before May 15th, 2020
Second Term on or before October 15th, 2020
Third Term on or before January 15th, 2020


The school has a good library with sufficient books suitable for all children. There are qualified and experienced Librarian to maintain the library and guide the children in their library work.
• Books are issued to the students during the library period as mentioned in their timetable. The same is recorded in the library section of the diary.
• It is the borrower's responsibility to keep the book safe and in good condition.
• Strict silence must be maintained in the Library room. Personal belongings like books, bags, umbrellas etc., are not permitted inside the library.
• If the library books are lost/ damaged, the matter must be reported to the librarian immediately and should pay the penalty.
• Transfers of books are not allowed. The student in whose name a book is issued shall be held responsible for its return as per the rules.
• The library is open from 9:00 a.m. on all school days.


• School transport is optional and students can avail the facility, subject to the availability of seats. The routes of the school buses are drawn up and the parents should consult the school transport in-charge for necessary details. Any student who wants to avail the schoolt ransport facility must submit an application for the same purpose.
• Children need to remain seated in the bus at all times and not put their hands or head out of the bus.They must talk softly and listen to the bus conductor.
• Children who misbehave in the bus will be barred or suspended from using this facility. Students must reach the bus stop a few minutes early before the scheduled time.
• During the return journey, incase the parent/ guardian is not present at the stop, the child will be brought back to the school. It is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to pickup the child from school in such cases.


• Students are allowed in the labs only during their practical hours.
• If any equipment is broken or damaged by the student, the cost will be recovered from the student concern.


These are organized for the intellectual enrichment of the students during the school year. Though every precaution will be taken for the safety of every child, it is to be understood that parents can't hold the school responsible for any mishaps.


• Tamil - From Class I to X, as compulsory 2nd language.
• Hindi – From Class I to VIII, as Compulsory 3rd language.
• Interested students may opt ANY ONE Hindi Course A - (002)or Hindi Course B- (085) in class IX and X.


a) School Clubs
We, at St.Assisi Public School CBSE, encourage our Students to participate in various clubs to ensure they are ‘little discoverers’ on the road of learning, Every club adds value to enrich the child’s growth and social development. List of clubs are as follows.
1. Reading Club
2. Math Club
3. Eco Club
4. Health & Wellness Club
5. Heritage Club
6. IT Club
7. Integrity Club

b) Co-Curricular Activities
The following activities function to promote and satisfy the different aptitudes of the students.
Every Thursday, from 9.00 am to 10.10 am is reserved for various co-curricular activities for classes from Class I to VIII.
1. Judo
2. Skating
3. Silambam
4. Karate
5. Dance
6. Keyboard
7. Jewellery Making
8. Mid-Brain
9. Yoga